Luis Miguel’s ex showed off her silhouette in a tight dress

Mollie Hannah Gouldthe ex of Luis Miguel, She left her followers on Instagram speechless by showing off her spectacular figure in a tight gold glitter dress. The model and businesswoman shared an image in which she appears sitting in an elegant English green armchair, looking radiant and sensual.

In the photo, molie She wears a long, tight dress with golden sparkles that enhance her figure. She complemented her outfit with a very current super tight hairstyle and some delicate jewelry. Her natural makeup completes a look that reveals her natural beauty and her elegance.

Mollie. Source: Instagram @foreveramollie

The publication of molie on Instagram, it has not only generated thousands of likes and comments, but it has also given something to talk about in different media and social networks. Many of her have praised her exquisite appearance and have expressed their admiration towards her.

In addition to his impeccable appearance, molie She has proven to be an intelligent and successful woman in the business arena. Added to her career as a model, she has stood out for her entrepreneurship in the world of fashion and beauty, and has managed to position herself as a recognized influencer on social networks.

Mollie and Luismi

Mollie Gould’s relationship and Luis Miguel It was highly mediated due to the fame of the singer and the dazzling physical appearance of the model. Mollie has been considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, thanks to her delicate features, her blonde hair, and her slender figure.

Despite the fact that their relationship ended in 2021, the model and the singer continued to make headlines in the media and on social networks, largely due to rumors of a possible reconciliation between the two. However, these rumors could never be confirmed.