Luis Sal and Fedez, the clash in court: “He sued me and I defend myself”

The YouTuber denies the agreement to close the ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ case. The rapper confirms: “No agreement”

After the divorce, the case in court. New round in the dispute between Fedez and Luis Sal who, after this summer’s argument, continue to banter on the ongoing case relating to the ‘divorce’ and in particular the podcast Muschio Selvaggio. Luis Sal, with a post on Instagram, denies the hypothesis of an agreement to close the matter. “Hello wild muskies, little update since various articles are coming out in the newspapers: there has been no agreement, much less confidentiality, and in fact we are in litigation (made by Federico) and I am defending myself”, the words of the youtuber with a on the ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ account, for which Luis Sal evidently still has the access credentials. The message is accompanied by an ironic photo in which Fedez’s former partner is wearing a beauty mask.

The rapper’s response is ready, again from the podcast’s Instagram account, but this time from stories, responding with a video. “I confirm, there is no confidentiality agreement, there is nothing – says Fedez – And when there is a 50% share, things tend to be resolved before a judge, at least among adults”. Then, the rapper cuts it short and throws a dig at Luis Sal, highlighting the positive performance of ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ which has had Mr. Marra as host for months with excellent results: “We continue to work with our heads down, the episodes are going very well and we will continue to do our part”. The most attentive listeners, in the last episode – in which Stefano Bandecchi and Tomaso Montanari were guests – did not miss a joke from Fedez: “This program is done absolutely without money and sometimes even those who don’t do this podcast earn it“. Every reference to Luis Sal appeared (not) coincidental.