Luis Sal to Fedez: “I am marginalized by Wild Moss”

The YouTuber’s answer to the rapper: “Now I have to defend myself in this little game…”

After Fedez’s version, here is Luis Sal’s on the end of the collaboration linked to the Wild Moss podcast. Fedez said that the YouTuber has decided to abandon the podcast after the project brought to the Sanremo Festival 2023. The reconstruction of Luis Sal, who has not appeared in the project since February, is the opposite: the podcast, he says, has been progressively distorted compared to the original project and it was Fedez, in essence, who determined the break.

“The topics had to be the most important thing, enough was already said about Fedez and Muschio Selvaggio shouldn’t have been another place where he was talked about. Over time, these premises are lacking. I pointed this out to him from man, users also pointed it out to him in the comments,” says Luis Sal in a video posted on the Muschio Selvaggio YouTube channel, where Fedez’s version was released 24 hours ago. “Everything turns upside down: after these years in which I felt marginalized in my own project and in which Federico acted without involving me, we arrive in 2023”. After the Sanremo Festival, according to the reconstruction of Luis Sal (Video), the relationship goes haywire. Fedez would have asked Luis Sal to sell the shares of the company and would have proposed an episode in which the YouTuber would have had to apologize for the absences in the previous episodes. “I find myself having to defend myself” in the legal sphere “and from the blind things that Federico says about me. I find myself having to defend myself in a little game, which Federico is very good at playing and in which I don’t want to participate. Federico, I don’t want to play : let’s not play anymore, tell mum… tell the lawyer…”.

“Federico doesn’t know that I’m posting on this channel, I hope he doesn’t take the video down… It’s also my channel, for now… I’m sorry because the project was as much mine as his, I would have gladly continued if it hadn’t been for me been made so difficult. I would have continued if he had kept my ideas in addition to his. I shared many of Federico’s ideas: he said I didn’t want to go to Sanremo, we went there… But when it came to listening to me… nothing. ..”.