Luisa Ranieri in her very first commercial, do you remember her?

Luisa Ranieri, as beautiful today as at the beginning: here she is in her very first commercial, did you remember her like this?

Airing tonight with the second episode of the second season of ‘Lolita Lollobosco‘. Broadcast on Rai 1 Luisa Ranieri she returned, starting from the previous week, to take on the role of deputy commissioner in heels.

Luisa Ranieri at the beginning (Credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Already from the first season he had acquired a truly incredible success. A rare beauty that of Luisa Ranieri who with an incredible charm has managed to conquer the screens, not to mention her talent as an actress. But, although her career began years ago, did you know that Luisa Ranieri made her debut as an actress “by chance”? Well, the wife of Luca Zingaretti in fact, he told Verissimo how it all began. In the living room of the presenter Silvia Toffanin, the actress had in fact told in a previous interview that it all started like this by chance: “PTo help a dear friend of mine that I lost this year, a bit like saying I’ll help you“, he had told the microphones of Verissimo. She has become so actress and his character in Leonardo Pieraccioni’s film was famous. But the real success it came when he took part in the commercial that later went viral and is still well known today. Remember what Luisa Ranieri was like in her very first commercial of the “Nestea”?

Luisa Ranieri in the “Nestea” commercial, how many remember her?

His was one career that should have been built away from the cameras, let’s say more in court. Well, from a very young age the beautiful Luisa Ranieri he had undertaken studies in law to become a lawyer one day. Yet, apparently her life has reserved something different for her. Today we know her for being a well known TV personality on screen and for being the wife of one of her best known actors, Luca Zingaretti. On her social channel we can find family shots in which she appears together with her half of her and their sweet little girls, but there are also shots in which the actress is more beautiful than ever.

After deciding not to complete her law studies to become a lawyer, Luisa Ranieri achieved success in front of the camera. It was 2001 when the known commercial from the ‘Nestea’ saw her as the protagonist. Do you remember her?

luisa ranieri advertising
Luisa Ranieri, 2001 (Credits: YouTube) – Solo gossip

Hers has always been a beauty that came off the screen. A detail that however does not escape anyone is that it is with her simplicity that the actress has managed from the first moment to be of great impact on the screen. A rare beauty that conquers and fascinates anyone. Today, quite a few years have passed since she became known thanks to that commercial, but we can definitely say with a loud voice that Luisa Ranieri is a truly enchanting woman. And what do you think?