Luisa Ranieri, the childhood drama: it happened when she was a child

Luisa Ranieri recounts a dramatic childhood background, a delicate moment in her life: it happened when she was a child

Theater actress but not only. That of Luisa Ranieri it is a face that since 2001 has also made its debut on the big screen. At the cinema with Pieraccioni’s film, the well-known actress has received an amazing success.

Luisa Ranieri, painful background (Credits: Instagram) –

But it is with the famous ‘Nestea’ commercial that Luisa Ranieri then became a character known to all. To date she is one of the most loved and followed actresses on the Italian artistic scene. Currently engaged as a leading actress in the fiction broadcast on Rai 1, Luisa Ranieri plays the role of the deputy commissioner Lolita Lollobosco.

Alongside the actor Luca Zingaretti, for 19 years, the two have built their family together. Speaking of family, it’s from a childhood background which the actress pulled out a dramatic moment in his life. Let’s find out together what she said.

Luisa Ranieri recounts the drama of her childhood: the actress with no brakes on her past

We are always inclined to think that characters belonging to the world of entertainment are exempt from drama and unpleasant events. But alas, that is not the case. We are always talking about people with their lives and their life experiences, good and bad. However, being public figures, even in their moments they don’t end up in the spotlight.

As a child, the actress experienced the separation of her parents. They have been very difficult years for her. But the greatest pain for Luisa Ranieri comes from disappearance of his father. Al Corriere della Sera, Luisa Ranieri told of the death of her father when she was only 24 years old. Young and ‘unprepared’ for that life without her dad, the pain caused by her disappearance was the greatest she has ever had to go through and endure.

The separation first and then the loss of her father led Luisa Ranieri to make the decision to go to therapy. However, this allowed her to take her life back into her hands, despite all that pain of hers. The disappearance of her father made her miss him an essential figure in his life.

Luisa Ranieri
Luisa Ranieri talks about her dad (Credits: Instagram) –

To the microphones of Francesca Fialdini, in the program From us.. Freewheeling, Luisa Ranieri said: “I lost my father very young, and from there we have to start again and have the strength to do it. I missed my father’s love most of all. I wish I knew him better“, said the actress. From her words shines through the great pain deriving from her sad loss. Today, although she has spent time and has a happy life with the man she loves, the memory of her father holds a special place in her heart.