Lukaku to Juventus? Secretary CGIL Calabria: “Decay of sports loyalty values”

Married: “It’s a personal consideration, the organization has nothing to do with it”

“The Lukaku affair, like many others, demonstrates the decay of the values ​​of sports loyalty, often caused by unscrupulous pseudo-prosecutors. Selling one’s dignity is the worst thing that can happen to an individual”. This is how Angelo Sposato, general secretary of CGIL Calabria, expresses himself on the ‘case’ of the 2023 transfer market. Romelu Lukaku, who played last season with an Inter shirt, could move to Juventus after having ‘betrayed’ the Nerazzurri club.

The words of the general secretary of the CGIL Calabria bounce on Twitter and do not go unnoticed. Married, therefore, intervenes from his profile: “I have been informed that a blog site on Twitter is using a consideration of mine made here on my personal profile on the Lukaku affair, attributing it to the CGIL Calabria. Obviously instrumental, I find myself forced to deny any involvement of the organization and refrain in the future, in the name of freedom of expression, from avoiding comments or making other considerations”.