Lula attacks Israel: “It’s like Hamas, it kills innocent civilians”

The president of Brazil: “Israel drops bombs on hospitals and children”

Brazilian president Lula’s harsh indictment of Israel: the killing of “innocent civilians without any criteria” in the Gaza Strip is “just as serious” as the Hamas attack on 7 October, he denounced Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. “After Hamas’ act of terrorism, the consequences, the solutions of the State of Israel are as serious as that of Hamas. They are killing innocent civilians without any criteria,” she said.

According to Lula’s accusations, Israel “is dropping bombs where there are children, hospitals, with the pretext that there are terrorists there: this is unjustifiable, first you have to save women and children, then fight whoever you want”.

The Hamas base in the hospital

The Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) raided the Rantisi pediatric hospital in Gaza and, as documented by the videos released by spokesperson Daniel Hagari, in the basement of the structure they identified a Hamas base: different types of weapons were recovered and premises discovered where, in all likelihood, hostages kidnapped in the attack on 7 October were held.

Al-Shifa hospital in collapse

From their Twitter profile, the IDF announced that they are ready to transfer incubators to al-Shifa hospital, where premature newborns are hospitalized in dramatic conditions. In the last few hours, updates have arrived from the facility which have documented the disastrous conditions in which doctors and nurses operate.

“The pediatric department at al-Shifa hospital needs assistance. Israel is ready to provide it. We formally proposed to the Gaza health authorities to transfer incubators to the Strip. Efforts are underway to allow incubators to arrive in Gaza for the children without delay. We are at war against Hamas, not against the population of Gaza”, says Shani Sasson, spokesperson for Cogat, the body that coordinates activities – including humanitarian ones – in the territories of Gaza and the West Bank.