Luli hit the table! Nicole Moreno stopped those who criticize her dead: "Please stop commenting on someone else’s body"

The Chilean fitness model Nicole Morenopopularly known as “luli“He has responded through his social networks to the malicious comments he has received from some of their users.

The influencer and participant of the television program “Aquí se baila” has decided to show her face and speak publicly on the subject.

Nicole Moreno has been very focused on her body lately, which is why she has changed her diet and carried out hard workouts to maintain her title as a Fit Model. However, her physical transformation has caused some users of social networks to comment on her body in a negative way, including hundreds of criticisms.

Faced with this situation, Luli has decided to speak loud and clear and used her Instagram account to say: “I am going to clarify the following: I am a Fit model (I am in the fitness category). I respect all bodybuilders, who really have greater discipline in all areas. I love a healthy life and my discipline led me to win nationally and internationally. I am a person who eats healthy. A person who has discipline, perseverance and I also train every day,” declared the model.

In addition, Luli expressed her fatigue at the bad comments she has received about her physique and asked for respect: “Please stop commenting on the body of others. Nobody has to comment on anyone’s body,” he concluded.