Lulù Selassié, the sensational news after the break with Manuel Bortuzzo

Lulù Selassié, the sensational news after the break with Manuel Bortuzzo: the announcement of the former competitor of Big Brother Vip.

It was one of the absolute protagonists of the past edition of the GF Vip. At first in the race as the only competitor together with her sisters, Lulu Selassié conquered a large part of the viewers of the reality show of Canale 5.

Lulu Selassié (Instagram Credits)

Reality show during which he thought he had found great love. The love story with Manuel Bortuzzo, however, did not last long with the cameras off and Lulù has been single for several months now. Despite the disappointment in love, however, for the princess they are coming several surprises. One of this was announced by her through her very popular Instagram channel, to the delight of her many supporters. Let’s find out what it is.

GF Vip, wonderful news for Lulù Selassiè: unexpected announcement

A wonderful news for fans of the ‘fairy’ of Big Brother Vip 6. Lulù Selassié was one of the most beloved contestants of the past edition of reality TV and, even today, can count on the affection and support of a real host of fans. . Fans to whom you announced in recent days a wonderful novelty.

“I’ll be your trusted librarian becauseand soon a story written by me will come out“, Revealed Lulu, announcing the release of his first book. An exit that is not imminent: the princess has specified that everything is still under preparation. La Selassié, however, did not hide her enthusiasm, since she is passionate about books and reading: “I have so many beautiful things to tell and many situations can make you empathize. When I read books, I always identify with a character. Books take you into a world of fantasy and it’s wonderful ”. A wonderful news for Lulù, who can’t wait to share his story with his beloved fans of him. For which there is also another wonderful news.

Not just a book, it will soon be out too the first single of the beautiful Lulu. Already in her house, the princess never hid her passion for music and her singing skills: do you remember her performance as Cardi B? It was the rapper herself who posted the Lulu video, which went viral on social media. A dream come true for Selassié, who recently shared a video in which she sings on social media in a recording studio: “The studio is a place where I feel safe and I can immerse myself in my thoughts and turn them into art. , where I really feel the artist that I am, where I work for you and for myself ”.

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Lulù Selassié on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

We just have to wait for more news on these wonderful news concerning the beloved ex gieffna. Stay connected for all updates.