Lunar calendar August 2022

Among the methods most used by populations all over the world to calculate the cyclical nature of the year, the lunar calendar is also used for the correct management of sowing and crops and for some beauty routines, such as hair and skin care. Just as the Sun is a symbol of stability, the Moon represents mutability and it is precisely this characteristic that makes it special. Let’s find out together the lunar calendar of August 2022, which foresees a new Moon on August 27 and the Full Moon of the Sturgeon, whose peak will be on August 12. Also, August is the month when dreams can come true, thanks to the magical night of San Lorenzo, when shooting stars light up the skies around the world!

Lunar calendar for August 2022: all phases

The phases of the moon are the different ways in which we can observe the Moon from the Earth in a lunar month, which is composed of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds. During this time, the Moon makes a complete revolution around the Earth and rotates on itself. Illuminated by the sun’s rays, the Moon appears more or less visible depending on its position with respect to the Sun and the Earth. This month’s lunar calendar begins on Friday, August 5, when the Moon is in the first quarter of its waxing phase. The Moon will, in fact, be in the waxing phase from 1 to 4 August, and will then conclude its cycle on 12 August, when we will be able to witness a spectacular and magical full Moon. But not only: August is the month in which the Tears of San Lorenzo peep out (the period of the Perseids) and the shooting stars illuminate the firmament. This year, August 10th coincides with the Full Moon phase, so it will be more difficult to see the stellar fragments. When there is a full Moon, in fact, it is more complicated to observe this phenomenon since the sky is brighter. The full Moon that we will be able to observe will be the Sturgeon Moon, also called the Wheat Moon. The first name is due to the abundance of this type of fish in August, while the second refers to tradition: August is, par excellence, the month of wheat. The satellite will then resume its waning phase starting from Saturday 13 August until Thursday 18 August, and then end its last quarter on Friday 19 August. The new Moon will return to space on Saturday 27 August and will continue to grow until the calendar of the month of September.

Because the full moon in August is called the Sturgeon Moon

The full Moon in August will be the eighth full moon of 2022, each of which always has a different name. August is the month of the Sturgeon Moon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon. This was the name chosen by Native American fishermen for the great abundance of this fish in the Great Lakes, just in August.

The full Moon of August is, as for all months of the year, linked to astrology: this is the moment in which it is in Aquarius, an unpredictable air sign, light and eager for freedom. The adventurous spirit of the sign offers moments of creativity and energy, but also of coldness: you want to remove the negative thoughts and judgments of others, as well as those imaginary chains that bind to the closest people. The advice is to try to use this energy from within, to free yourself from everything that oppresses you: give space, for example, to meditation!