Lung cancer invades the heart, exceptional operation in Rome

The operation was performed at the Sant’Andrea-Sapienza hospital to preserve lung and heart function

Exceptional operation at the Sant’Andrea-Sapienza hospital in Rome on a 68-year-old man who had a tumor located in the lower part of the right lung which invaded the left cardiac atrium. For the first time, thanks to an innovative procedure, the tumor was eradicated and the affected heart chamber was reconstructed, avoiding the complete removal of the lung and preserving the patient’s respiratory and cardiac function. The operation was successfully performed last December – the Capitoline hospital announced today – by the Thoracic Surgery Unit directed by Erino Angelo Rendina.

After an accurate multidisciplinary pre-operative study – a note details – the patient underwent a complex surgical treatment which allowed the removal of the tumor and a subsequent partial replacement of the heart chamber with a biological prosthesis capable of integrating perfectly into the muscle tissue . Similar operations had previously always been performed with the simultaneous removal of the entire lung. For the first time – underlines the hospital – the reconstruction of the heart has made it possible to save the anatomical and functional integrity of the upper pulmonary vein and, consequently, to preserve the healthy two-thirds of the right lung.

The operation, which lasted approximately 5 hours, was performed by a multidisciplinary team led by thoracic surgeons and composed of cardiac surgeons and anesthetists, assisted by perfusionists and nurses, in extra-corporeal circulation. The heart was temporarily stopped and restarted as soon as the complete reconstruction with prosthesis was completed. The patient was discharged after two weeks, in excellent condition ready for the continuation of oncological treatment.

“Every success in the operating room adds a piece to the construction of scientific knowledge and the treatment of diseases – comments Erino Angelo Rendina -. There is no greater satisfaction than being part of and leading the Thoracic Surgery team of the Sant’Andrea hospital – Wisdom that, day after day, produces and transmits innovation.”

“Thoracic surgery confirms itself as an excellence of Sant’Andrea and La Sapienza University. We are proud of the work that the team led by Professor Erino Angelo Rendina carries out on a daily basis not only for the patients of our Region – declares the President of the Region Lazio, Francesco Rocca -. New technologies, progress in research and science today more than yesterday allow us to treat even very complex tumors with excellent surgical and therapeutic results. We will do everything necessary to accompany and support great excellence of our regional health service.”

“The thoracic surgery at Sapienza expresses a very high level of excellence which finds further and happy confirmation in the innovative operation successfully completed in our Sant’Andrea University Hospital – comments the Rector of Sapienza University of Rome Antonella Polimeni – I want to thank the team, the professionals, the people who, with passion, dedication and ability to dialogue, made this achievement possible.” “The Sant’Andrea hospital – concludes the General Director of the healthcare company, Daniela Donetti – once again contributes to creating excellent healthcare which remains a beacon in research and innovation and the best investment for our patients” .