Lupi launches popular-conservative axis: “It should be strengthened but not the sum of acronyms”

The former minister indicates the course of ‘We Moderates’ on the eve of the centrist party’s Congress

”The future is now, because it is now that as the centre-right we have the opportunity, on behalf of the electors, to work to change Italy…”. Maurizio Lupi, political leader of Noi Moderati, explains to Adnkronos that the title-slogan of the centrist party’s first congress is already a whole programme. In fact, today and tomorrow, at the Marriott hotel in Rome, the meetings of the so-called fourth leg of the center-right are being celebrated and the former minister indicates the political course in view of the European elections, a new test bench for the stability of the Melonian-driven coalition . ”It is the reforms that we are called upon to implement now – underlines Lupi – that lay the foundations for a future of growth and development. This is the challenge of the present which, if won, begins to build the future. Let me give you an example: investments in education and training must become a priority: investing in young people gives concreteness and makes it clear what it means that the future is now”.

The objective of Noi Moderati is to strengthen the popular-conservative axis in Italy and in Europe, a project that Giorgia Meloni likes very much and is also appreciated by Forza Italia. And if Matteo Renzi is interested, he can open a dialogue, but no cannibalism, he must agree to join the fourth centrist leg to start a journey together. Lupi explains how to try to implement the project of joining the forces of the EPP and the ECR: ”To strengthen the dialogue between the popular and conservatives, the popular and moderate pole of the centre-right needs to be born and strengthened, which is a reality in the country but little represented in the institutions”. “I am not thinking of a sum of acronyms”, explains Lupi, “but a unitary convergence of social and political subjects”.

The “first opportunity”, he assures, “are the Europeans to look at as a political perspective, the axis, in fact, between the popular and conservatives. Not just a test for the majority”. The “proof that this perspective has serious political implications”, remarked the former minister, “is in the nervousness of certain French politicians, who vent on Italy the fear of a loss of weight on the European scene”.