Lupine 3, what to know about the new adventure by Omar Sy alias Assane Diop which comes out today

There’s no two without three, everyone knows it. And in fact it couldn’t be otherwise for the beloved television series Lupinethe third act of which has just been released: Lupine 3.

Netflix brings France’s most wanted gentleman back to the screen. The third season is available from today, Thursday 5 October, on the streaming platform (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the Now Smart Stick app).
These are 7 new episodes in which Omar Sy once again takes on his now iconic role, those of Assane Diop. The protagonist is supported by a chapeau cast that includes Ludivine Sagnier, Antoine Gouy, Soufiane Guerrab and Shirine Boutella.

After the great Italian preview held on Monday 2 October in Rome at The Space Cinema Moderno, the streamer brings France’s most wanted gentleman back to the screen. As well as the most loved of the show.

Lupine is the television series created by George Kay, directed by Ludovic Bernard, Podz (Daniel Grou) and Xavier Gens. The show is produced by Gaumont.

You can watch the trailer of Lupine 3 in the video you find above, at the head of this article.

Everything revolves, as always, around the legendary Assane Diop

The main character of Assane Diop is as always the focus of the story. Everything revolves around him. Assane is now in hiding: he will therefore have to learn to live away from his beloved family, away from his wife and son. He caused a lot of suffering, primarily to himself. Precisely these will push him to return to Paris and to consider a proposal that sounds truly crazy for him (and for his faithful fans): leaving France forever, abandoning his country to start another life far from his homeland . But as we well know, the past is not something that can be closed hermetically in a wardrobe, also because the risk would be to pile up layers and layers of the past and skeletons upon skeletons behind a door.
The skeletons in the closet and the specters of Assane’s past will emerge in these new episodes of the series, completely upsetting the protagonist’s plans. And putting a lot of irons on the fire, seeing is believing…

The French series that has become a screen cult

Lupine is a French television series that debuted on Netflix in 2021. It was created by George Kay and François Uzan and is inspired by the character of Arsène Lupine, the mythical gentleman thief born from the pen of the French writer Maurice Leblanc. The protagonist of the series is the French actor of Senegalese and Mauritanian origins Omar Sy, who plays the protagonist Assane Diop.
This thief is inspired by the exploits of his literary myth, Arsène Lupine. He does this not out of greed but to avenge his father, an innocent man who was wrongly accused of a crime.
The plot of each of the seasons of which the show is composed sees Assane busy planning and carrying out daring heists, designed in a way that is nothing short of brilliant. Action, mystery and ingenuity make this series a real treat for those who love mixes between crime and spy, between thriller and action.
We see the protagonist clash from time to time with the police and also with other criminals.

To act as a backdrop to Lupine it is one of the most beautiful cities on the globe: Paris, which here is not just a setting but rather becomes a co-protagonist.

Find the trailer for Lupine 3 in the video at the top of this article.