Luxuria: “Morgan on X Factor? Dangerous mood swings, Sky thinks about it well”

“It’s not the first time that Morgan has said things, apologizes and then maybe does it again”

”Morgan on ‘X Factor’? Apologies must always be accepted but it is not the first time that Morgan has said things, apologizes and then maybe repeats them again so it would be dangerous for a program of this type, which has a particular target, to have him on the jury. What if he freaks out again? If I were Sky I would do some reflection”. This is how Vladimir Luxuria, at Adnkronos, expresses himself after the media clamor that was unleashed around Morgan for the events that occurred during the concert at the Archaeological Park of Selinunte dedicated to Franco Battiato. The singer targeted a group of spectators with insults and offenses, even through homophobic phrases.

”I hope that the apologies Morgan made are really sincere – he continues – if he had made them only for reasons of opportunism and that is to keep his place on ‘X Factor’ it would be undignified for him”. For Luxuria, however, the fact that Morgan often ”repents afterwards” of what he said ”denotes that he is a person characterized by strong mood swings, unpredictable and even a little dangerous”, he explains.

”I don’t know what’s happening to Morgan – he underlines – I remember one of his concerts at Cassero in Bologna during a gay evening where he did a cover of all David Bowie’s songs, there he said wonderful things. If a person can’t control himself at a live concert and insults the audience just because he has been contradicted or questioned, imagine what he can do in a program where maybe a singer with a low rating says something to him or has a quarrel with another sworn. Sky will have to make very careful assessments”, reiterates Luxuria.

(by Alisa Toaff)