Luxury yachts and top holidays: Paris Hilton has chosen this Italian location

Paris Hilton on vacation with her wonderful luxury yacht has chosen this Italian destination to enjoy full relaxation!

The wonderful ones continue holidays for VIPs in magnificent scenarios that leave us literally enchanted. The social accounts of our beloved ‘vipponi‘as Signorini would say, they go crazy with shots that portray them happy and carefree in dream places and perhaps on fantastic luxury yachts. Just like the beautiful heiress Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton on vacation (Credits: Instagram)

The great-grandchild heiress of Conrad Hilton, the well-known founder of the chain of luxury hotels now known all over the world, boasts assets of over 300 million dollars. Paris Hilton is a well-known face in the entertainment world. She started as a child to pose as a model, after which from that moment, with the spotlights on she reached the highest peaks of success. Despite the boundless heritage of which she is heiress, it can be said that the beautiful American businesswoman has certainly not rested on her laurels. She and today she enjoys the fruits of success.

The splendid model, singer, actress, stylist and so on and so forth, has certainly not gone unnoticed in the social shots that portray her on vacation in the wonderful Italian town which stands out in particular for being one of the most popular and most loved summer destinations by VIPs. On her dream yacht, she began her tour enjoying the sea and the sun of beautiful Italy. Do you know where Paris Hilton is spending her vacation? He has chosen this very popular destination!

Paris Hilton on holiday in Italy: the chosen destination is one of the most loved by VIPs

Paris Hilton’s summer is all ‘Italian’. The beautiful American heiress enjoys the beauty of the sea and the sun in the company of her husband on the splendid luxury yacht.

That of the beautiful actress can be defined as a sort of ‘tour’ among the most beautiful destinations of our peninsula. Among these you have chosen places such as Lake Como and then moved into the beautiful and romantic Portofino. After that, always aboard her luxurious yach, she continued her tour to land on one of the most loved islands by VIPs. It is in these hours that the splendid heiress finds herself in the marvelous Isle of Capri. And here, where a magical scenery is the backdrop given by the enchanting shimmer of the sea and the romantic stacks, Paris Hilton enjoys her vacation. There is no shortage of incredible shots of her that portray her in full ‘holiday’ style aboard her yacht.

paris hilton vacation
Paris Hilton vacation (Credits: Instagram)

In the latest shots posted on social media, we then see Paris Hilton landing on the island and strolling through the most ‘in’ streets of the Island of the Gulf of Naples. And between the scent of a very good Italian pasta, typical local sweets and memorable shots with a magical and enchanting background given by the natural scenery, the entrepreneur and heiress continues her vacation!