Lyl makes a dedication to her mother in the single Cain and Thorns: the video

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This is one of the songs I care about the most in the entire album, probably because I wrote it for my mother: it’s a dedication of love to the one who is always by my side and has always watched over me, a little as if it were my Moon (hence the title “Cain and thorns”, which is a periphrasis used to indicate the star). I will always realize how much I owe her and how much she has helped me. From the feedback I have received so far I understand that this song, despite being such an intimate song, is one of the favorites of most of the people who have listened to my album, and this makes me really happy, I am glad that the song has arrived to others as well and I hope they can do it themselves.

Cain and the thorns it’s the last track of my first album, lairreleased on December 2, 2022 for (and thanks to) Fonoprint Records and distributed by ADA Music Italy.

‘TANA’ is my first experiment and talks about ties and relationships, investigated through the lens of my family, which up until now has been my refuge, my den precisely. The disc also talks about me as a ‘person in training’ and some songs deal with the theme of personal relationships in a broader sense, crossing only the family boundary.

Returning to the video, with the Fonoprint team (and here I would like to steal some space to thank Renato Stefano, Ilaria “Boba” Ciampolini, Andrea Ranzi, Paolo Mercadante, Luca Rubertà, Pietro Giolito, Enrico Capalbo for ideas, recording/production audio and video and the love and care they put into what they do) we decided to shoot this “naked” live session, played in trio together with my trusty cronies, Edoardo Nanni on bass and Luca Rizzoli on drums, for return it in the purest way possible. The video you see was shot at the Teatro Celebrations in Bologna, which hosted us (and which I thank) for an intense morning. When we started to dim the lights to illuminate the stalls and the red seats it immediately seemed to me a somewhat Lynchian atmosphere, from the Club Silencio on Mulholland Drive to the waiting room of the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks. This bass-drums-guitar and voice formula will also be the one we will take on tour: in fact, very soon we will announce the first dates and I can’t wait to throw myself headlong into this brand new adventure for me and start grinding a few kilometers! We will definitely see you in Bologna, Rome, Ferrara and many other cities! A new single will also be released before the start of the tour, which will be added to the album: it is a song that speaks of the fragility of bonds, of the scars and ashes that remain when one of these threads that unite us breaks, breaks it frays, yes (and we) burns. At the moment we are setting up the live but I plan to get back to writing as soon as possible; I’d like to put a little more focus on what I do and, although it’s not an easy undertaking, I believe that the experience of the tour can help me at least understand some things.