Lyon, kindergarten teacher kills 11-month-old girl by making her ingest acid

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A child educator at the People and Baby private kindergarten in Lyon, France, killed an 11-month-old girl by poisoning her with caustic products because she was “exasperated” by her crying. The news is reported by Le Figaro, which quotes the Lyon newspaper The Progrès. The little girl, of Italian origins, would have been one year old next Thursday. French investigators explain that the kindergarten teacher “first sprinkled her and then made her ingest a caustic product.” The woman confessed to the murder and she is now in prison.

Defender of the woman: “He did not intend to kill her”

French prosecutors say that the 27-year-old woman during the interrogation, after initially sustaining the accidental intake of the acid, admitted to having bathed the girl with a product used to gush the sinks and then to have it for her made to ingest. Attempts to save the little girl in the hospital are in vain. The defendant’s lawyer said the woman would not act with the intention of killing her. The victim’s father is an engineer born in Torre Boldone, province of Bergamo, who has lived in Lyon for years with his French wife.