M3GAN, James Wan opens to a sequel

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Alise wax Of Colliders he interviewed Gerard Johnstone and James Wandirector and producer of M3GANwho talked about the possible future of the film to be released in Italian cinemas Wednesday 4 January.

james wan, sequel coming?

After months of waiting, the horror with the artificial intelligence doll is ready to arrive on the big screen, in the cast Allison Williams in the role of the protagonist Gem.

On the occasion of the release of the film, James Wan told how his works are conceived to be able to be expanded, giving life to real franchiseas happened in the past.

The director and producer said: “What I can say about it is that for each of my films, whether it is The Conjuring Universe, Saw, Maliciousor in this case M3GAN, we love to think of a bigger world”.

James Wan continued: “For me it’s about creating a world and knowing who the protagonists are, where the story can go and then building a bigger world and stepping into it to continue to explore ‘Okay, I’m going to tell you this story particular, but I know of other things that are happening’”.

The director concluded the interview with the magazine Colliders without confirming the arrival of a sequel but leaving all the doors open: “So if we’re lucky enough to have sequels, we have no idea where we want to go”.

At this point we just have to wait to be able to know all the possible developments.