M5S and 2 per thousand, yes wins. Conte: “It’s direct democracy”

Ok to public funding. The leader: “There was an excellent participation and 72% are in favor, the overwhelming majority”

In the M5S he won the yes at 2 per thousand. “There was an excellent participation and 72% is in favor of 2x thousand, the overwhelming majority – said Giuseppe Conte about the outcome of the vote on public funding for the 5 Star Movement – I took note of a request that it was already on the table, and it seemed appropriate to me that it be discussed and voted on. If we accept the principle of direct democracy, this is it “.

24,360 members (71.72% of voters) voted in favor of the ‘yes’ to 2×1000 for the 5 Star Movement, on the occasion of the vote that ended today on the SkyVote platform. 9,531 people voted ‘no’ (28.06%).

The yes to the form of public funding feeds the debate within the movement. “I respect the vote of the members, but today one of the strongest identity principles of the M5S is violated, one of the founding values, desired by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio, who has decreed the political success of the Movement up to now”, he told the ‘Adnkronos the grillino senator Vincenzo Presutto. “The idea that public money should stay away from politics has always been appreciated by the citizens.”

“There was also a vote for the destination of the refunds, 4 million will go to solidarity initiatives and CNR projects”, said Conte.

M5S members expressed 62,438 preferences in the vote for the choice of projects to which to allocate the 4 million euros of the refunds of the Grillini parliamentarians. Anpas – National Association of Public Aids received 7,711 preferences, equal to 12.35% of the total; Cnr – National Research Council – received 15,982 preferences for research projects, equal to 25.60% of the total; Emergency received 14,652 preferences, equal to 23.47% of the total. And again: Gruppo Abele Onlus, 1,295 preferences; Lega del Filo d’Oro, 8,696 preferences; Doctors Without Borders, 11,127 preferences; Nove Onlus – Afghanistan Emergency, 2,975 preferences. “The allocated amount will be divided among the individuals indicated, in proportion to the number of preferences received”, reads the Blog of the Movement.