M5S and 2×1000, Conte to his followers: “Now embrace a new course, the base asks for it”

72% of the members (24,360 votes in favor) said yes to the registration in the register of parties to obtain the funding so far repudiated by the grillini

The umpteenth turning point in M5S history comes with the approval of a large majority of the base. 72% of the members (24,360 votes in favor) say yes to the inscription of the 5 Star Movement in the party register to obtain the financing of the 2×1000, an instrument which until now has always been repudiated by the grillini. Giuseppe Conte thus collects what in the upper floors of the Movement is read as an encouraging signal for the new course started by the former Prime Minister. In the afternoon, a few hours after the virtual ‘ballot boxes’ have closed, Conte goes to the Chamber to take stock of parliamentarians and collaborators.

“The 2×1000 was strongly wanted by the base. Evidently our militants are strongly asking us for a new phase. A new course”, the reasoning expressed by the M5S president according to what Adnkronos has learned. “Now it is everyone’s responsibility to fully embrace this new Movement”, observed the former tenant of Palazzo Chigi, because today’s vote “asks us to support everyone in a convinced and integral way this process of refounding the M5S”.

Now the 5 Star Leader expects unity from all. The next internal steps will be crucial and risk creating fibrillation: from the choice of the heads of the thematic committees (a new vote is expected on the blog by the end of this week and the appointments identified by Conte could displease many elected leaders) to the election of the new group leader in the Chamber, which sees the outgoing president of the board Davide Crippa as the favorite (relations between the latter and Conte would have improved in recent times) over the possible challenger Angelo Tofalo. And while the majority of elected officials applaud the 2×1000 turnaround, there is no shortage of critical voices.

Before the vote, both Crippa and the minister for youth policies Fabiana Dadone had expressed strong doubts about the advisability of joining public funding. And on the occasion of the last joint assembly, the former minister Danilo Toninelli also remarked on his dissent, as well as his colleagues Vincenzo Presutto and Primo Di Nicola. Who today comment on the outcome of the vote without hiding their concerns.

“I respect the vote of the members, but today one of the strongest identity principles of the M5S is violated, one of the founding values, wanted by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio, who has decreed the political success of the Movement so far”, he tells the Adnkronos Presutto, while for Di Nicola “a more in-depth debate was needed”. On the other hand, the president of the European Policies Commission Sergio Battelli is satisfied: “Now we need to allocate these resources to the territories”. (by Antonio Atte)