M5S and 2×1000, Di Battista: “Once upon a time not even under torture”

On the decision of the 5 Star Movement to join the 2×1000, a choice that will pass to the online vote of the members

“The Movement, in 2013, refused 43 million euros of public funding and it was a nice Movement. The Movement voted against the law of the Letta government which established the 2X1000 for parties claiming that it was a disguised public funding (always public money is) and it was a good movement “, Alessandro Di Battista writes on social media, commenting on the decision of the M5S to join the 2×1000, a choice that will be examined by the online voting of the members.

Word to the members, Monday or Tuesday morning, then to decide if the M5S will have to join the 2xMille. This was decided by the leader Giuseppe Conte at the end of the joint assembly of the grillini groups, where the overwhelming majority of the elected officials said they were in favor of the hypothesis of adopting this tool to replenish the coffers of the 5 Star Movement. An important step, explained Conte, which will be “addressed on the web. The vote is not only timely but necessary”.

“The Movement asked its spokespersons to return the TFR at the end of the mandate – Di Battista writes – I did. The Movement claimed that one could do politics with little money and it was a good Movement. sometimes money to members, activists and supporters and money always came. Tens of thousands of small donations that allowed us to organize all kinds of events “.

“When I took the camper van tour as a non-candidate, I took an ATM with me backwards. People lined up in the rain to donate 10, 20, 50 euros and finance that campaign. On the contrary, the receipt came out of that ATM. The money they came because there was an identity. The Movement fought for respect for the referendum which abolished public funding for parties and it was a beautiful movement. The Movement did not have luxurious seats and it was a beautiful Movement. Today the neo-movement is screwing up on itself Unable to obtain donations by focusing on identity (and I believe you, he governs with Renzi, Salvini, Bonino, Berlusconi, Letta and under Draghi) follows the path of all the other parties … a path that once would not even have taken under torture “, concludes the former M5S deputy.