M5S, Conte aims for ‘inclusive’ secretariat: from Castaldo to Catalfo tightens up on names

The pentastellated base will have to ratify the five vice-presidents already indicated by the M5S leader and vote the heads of the various thematic committees

From the new appointments to the possible adhesion to the 2 per thousand. Next week the 5 Star Movement will add two more pieces to the mosaic of the refoundation initiated by Giuseppe Conte. On Monday or Tuesday, the members will be asked to decide whether or not the M5S must register in the party register to obtain the 2 per thousand: as explained by the treasurer Claudio Cominardi in the last joint assembly, on Tuesday 30 November the deadlines for submitting the registration will expire. and therefore the knot will inevitably be untied within that day. But the spotlight will also remain on the new figures who will make up Conte’s ‘secretariat’.

The pentastellate base will in fact have to ratify the five vice-presidents already indicated by the M5S leader (Paola Taverna, Mario Turco, Riccardo Ricciardi, Michele Gubitosa and Alessandra Todde) and vote for the heads of the various thematic committees. According to what Adnkronos learns, the names of the former Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede and the former mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino (who should deal with training or projects) should almost certainly appear on the list. Among the other referents, Senator Gianni Girotto (ecological transition), MEP Fabio Massimo Castaldo (foreign), Senator Alessandra Maiorino (gender politics), deputy Luca Carabetta (digital transition), former minister Nunzia Catalfo ( work) and the former Deputy Minister of Economic Development Buffagni (economics). “It will be an inclusive ‘secretariat'”, assure pentastellate sources, emphasizing the “will” of the leader Conte to “involve as many people as possible”.