M5S, Conte at AdnKronos: “Di Battista? He is very dear to me. Dialogue with him regardless”

“He made a great contribution to the Movement” says the Five Star leader

“Our story with Di Battista in my opinion does not end, he is a person personally dear to me and I believe dear to many of the M5S because he has made a great contribution”. This was said by the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, guest of the AdnKronos Forum. “Now he is doing other things but the fact that I continue to have a relationship and a discussion with him is positive for me. His rapprochement with the M5S? He is one of those people with whom there must be dialogue regardless“.

Is it Conte’s party? No, I am the proud leader of this Movement” says Conte, commenting on the words of Davide Casaleggio who would see him well as leader of the Democratic Party. “There is a line by De André: ‘people give good advice if they can no longer set a bad example’, it seems to me very fitting with Casaleggio” attacks. “The Movement needed a central reorganization, now we are recreating that movement from below which will intersect in a virtuous way and will see us even more attentive to local communities”.

European elections

“We are interested in the political trajectory and in building a path where our proposal appears increasingly clear, coherent and credible” the president of the M5S tells AdnKronos. “This is the time of sowing and certainly the European competition is an important moment also because it would allow us to bring parliamentarians with a very clear project to Europe, but whether it is a higher or lower number it will not change anything with respect to our political path”. It is possible, at the European elections , a growth of the M5S compared to the policies? “It’s difficult – replies Conte -. Politics is the competition in which we are able to express ourselves best and also capture the opinion vote. When there are preferential votes we encounter difficulties by not focusing, as others do, on ringleaders, people who bring consolidated vote packages right from the start due to relationships, even of a clientelist type. So in the European elections we usually score a few points less than the score given to us by national surveys.”

Grillo and the M5S

Beppe Grillo has always said that the M5S will one day ‘biodegrade’, but “Beppe, as always, also speaks in paradoxesand therefore grasping and isolating his individual statements is a game that risks leading us off track” says the leader of the M5S. “We speak to him often, constantly, he continues to have a creative and stimulating function, even critical, I like to interact with him, I find it useful and profitable, but I would say that the M5S today is a reality, within the Italian political panorama, which goes beyond individuals, goes beyond Beppe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte. It is a reality that has strengthened and today there are all the conditions for it to go beyond the individuals who currently make it up.”