M5S, Conte: “Bewildered by Draghi words against me”

“I was informed by Grillo”

The leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte speaks about the words, reported by Grillo, or of a Draghi who would like him out of the leadership of the Movement. “I find it simply serious that a technical premier, who had from the beginning the investiture to form a government of national unity, meddles in the life of political forces that support it, moreover“says Conte.” Grillo told me about these phone calls, we are a community and we work together, so I was informed “he explains.

“I would like to remind you that up to now we have always supported the government with loyalty and fairness, not hiding the difficult passages that cause us suffering. I was sincerely disconcerted”, he stresses.

CRICKET – We made mistakes but we made them in good faith, perhaps out of naivety, we must not be ashamed of anything … Beppe Grillo would have said it during one of the meetings this morning with the senators of the M5S. The five-star guarantor in the afternoon will see the Five Star members of the government, according to Adnkronos, at 4.30 pm at the Hotel Forum. A meeting with Giuseppe Conte is also planned, to undo the knot of the double mandate, of the candidacy of Giancarlo Cancelleri in Sicily and to discuss the permanence in the government. And according to what we learn, there was a long phone call this morning between Giuseppe Conte and Beppe Grillo, who arrived over an hour late in the Senate, where he was expected at 9, precisely because he was busy with the president of the Movement.