M5S, Conte: “Recruitments for ex? Movement is not employment office”

The leader: “Collaborations for former parliamentarians only if useful”

“The M5S has never been and never will become an employment office. It cannot be excluded that we will be able to make use of the formal collaboration of some figures whose contribution could prove useful for the continuation of our activity”. The leader of the 5-star Movement Giuseppe Conte points out to Adnkronos about the rumors of possible hiring of former parliamentarians in the M5S. But the question is that “there is no provision for the recruitment of former parliamentarians” for the sole reason that “their elective office has expired with the second term”.

Meanwhile, the M5S is preparing to return to Parliament for its third term. By the beginning of next week, Conte should return to meet the Grillino National Council to restart the machine. A meeting is also outlined on the horizon between the former prime minister and all the elected officials – old guard and new ‘recruits’ – to take stock of the upcoming arrival in the Chamber and the Senate.

One of the most stringent tasks in the Campo Marzio headquarters aims to plan future arrangements for the classroom roles. Especially since the M5S, as an opposition force, will also have the vice-presidency of one of the two chambers. Well-informed internal sources report to Adnkronos that in pole position, if the Movement were to win the vice presidency in Montecitorio – the one that fell to Luigi Di Maio – there would be the former mayor Chiara Appendino, a well-known face of a Movement orphan of all its big names of the past due to the double mandate trap.

If, on the other hand, the vice presidency comes to Palazzo Madama, Minister Stefano Patuanelli could be the right man. Conte “has not yet put his head on this dossier”, explain the men closest to him, but it is a widespread belief in the top management that it is necessary to push on the few remaining big names before ‘breaking in’ the new ones, “also to make people feel strong the voice of our opposition, which will be strong and uncompromising “.

For this reason Patuanelli, if the vice-presidency were to go to Montecitorio, is also seen as a possible group leader, a role already held in the past, when Conte was head of the ‘yellow green’ government. But at Palazzo Madama, according to the same sources, the outgoing Mariolina Castellone, initially disliked by Conte but now considered a very loyal one, could aspire to the role of president of the group. And it is not excluded that you are aiming for a reconfirmation also in the Chamber, that of Francesco Silvestri, another iron ‘contiano’.

Another issue to be addressed closely, the Regionals in Lombardy and Lazio, with a keen eye on the Democratic Party in view of the Congress that will change its assets. In Lazio the 5S-dem alliance still survives the national earthquake with it led to divorce, but it is not certain that the axis will remain alive even at the next turning point, also because the grain is looming on the horizon, not just , the incinerator in Rome. After all, it was the Count himself, immediately after the vote, who admitted that there is now strong distrust of the former ally of the government and, if there was an agreement, the M5S will tighten it by keeping “the bar high”.