M5S-Greens, negotiations at the start of the European Parliament

Three ecological MEPs will discuss the Movement’s entry into the group

Formal negotiations begin on the possible entry of the M5S into the Greens/Ales group in the European Parliament. The ecologists, Adnkronos learns from qualified sources, have created a delegation in charge of conducting negotiations with the pentastellati, which, if on the one hand confirms the seriousness of mutual intentions, on the other inevitably entails a time extensionor at least not as short a time as had been assumed at first.

Next week in Strasbourg, therefore, no vote by the parliamentary group on the matter is foreseen in the meetings on the margins of the plenary. More than a month after the long confrontation that the ecological MEPs had in Brussels with the leader of the Giuseppe Conte Movement, among the Greens there are still very different positions on the opportunity to welcome the pentastellati.

Among the most skeptical, not as of today, are the German Greens, who are in government in Berlin. The Dutchman will negotiate with the Five Star Movement on behalf of the Greens Bas Eickhoutthe German Alexandra Geesein the past critical of the M5S, and the French Marie Toussaint.

One of the main knots to untie is that of relations with the founder Beppe Grillo. What would happen, is one of the questions asked by the Greens, if next year the US elections were won by Donald Trump, or by another isolationist Republican, and Grillo publicly rejoiced? For ecologists, who are politically anchored to the pro-European left, it would be a big problem. Giuseppe Conte on the role of the founder has provided repeated reassurances, but he would not have convinced everyone.

Another major obstacle are the positions of the M5S regarding the war in Ukraine: the German Reinhard Buetikofer, president of the delegation for relations with China, has already defined the opposition to sending arms to Kiev as a “betrayal” of EU ideals expressed by the leaders of the Movement.

The negotiations do not promise to be easy, but the game could be worth the candle: ecologists know that the Cinquestelle will probably elect a good number of MEPs in 2024, even if the advent of Elly Schlein at the head of the Democratic Party has created a strong competitor for the Movement to the left.

The Parliament that will emerge from the European elections in 2024 could be more oriented to the right, which would pose a serious threat to the Green Deal: a bond between the EPP and right-wing groups on these issues has already been observed on several occasions. To counter this trend, it is advantageous for the ecological group to strengthen numerically, also by welcoming colleagues from the Five Stars.

And Conte, in the long face-to-face of 8 March, did not fail to point this out to the Greens, recalling that the convergence in votes between M5S and ecologists is already very high.