M5S, ‘patatrac happens here’: on parachuting and pressing armored lists elected on Conte

Case Calabria, Barbuto: “Baldino candidate? Risk that activists desert the polls”

On the one hand, the risk of former “infiltrators” among activists who will be called to vote on Sky Vote for online parliamentarians for the choice of M5S candidates; on the other, the discontent of the elected officials for the decisions of Giuseppe Conte in view of the formation of the lists, between “parachuted” and loyalists placed in armored colleges to the detriment of outgoing deputies and senators who are elbowing for a reappointment. All these knots are on the desk of the pentastellato leader, who continues to take time despite the constant requests from those who, like Virginia Raggi, ask for “clear rules” and “transparency” on the selection of new, aspiring 5-star parliamentarians.

From hour to hour, for example, the discontent in Calabria is preparing to run, where the very faithful Contiana Vittoria Baldino – elected in Lazio in the past policies – is preparing to run in light of the new rule that allows candidacy in a district other than that of residence, if in it the candidate has “personal or professional domicile and / or main center of his / her interests”. Several Calabrian parliamentarians wrote to Conte, warning him of the risks of a possible revolt in the territory in the event that the “parachutists” appear on the lists: Giuseppe here bursts a patatrac, the tenor of the messages sent to the pentastellato leader according to what he learns ‘Adnkronos.

After Senator Giuseppe Auddino, who in recent days thundered against Baldino’s candidacy saying “no to foreign Popes”, today is the turn of fellow deputy Elisabetta Barbuto: the rule on the so-called “parachutes”, says the Adnkronos Crotonese parliamentarian, “he displaced us all, there was no clarity. If Baldino had communicated his intention to run in Calabria we would have been more relaxed, no one would have said anything. It is his faculty, of course. But sorry for the lack. of clarity “.

With Baldino “we have not had the opportunity to collaborate in this legislature … I do not know her much, we were in different commissions, I do not know what ideas she has for Calabria. But this does not mean that she does not have the best intentions. His choice. Surely – insists Barbuto – there is a risk of penalizing local parliamentarians. Let’s see what happens to the parliamentarians. It is unquestionable that there are discontent, many activists are willing to desert the polls. Let’s hope this does not happen “.

Another issue that is causing the Grillini to squirm is the possibility of candidacies in multiple constituencies, another unprecedented in this electoral campaign. It was Conte himself who opened his way to a possible race in several districts, despite the perplexities of many (starting, it is said, by Beppe Grillo himself). Also in this case Barbuto gives vent to the torments of what remains of the starry parliamentary troop: “Conte runs in more colleges? In the past we have not been very lenient towards the people who did so. In any case, we are making a trial to the intentions : we do not know what Conte’s choice will be, who in any case is a precious resource for us.

Meanwhile at the Viminale today was Conte’s day, who together with the former regent Vito Crimi deposited the symbol of the M5S for the elections of 25 September. A “red heart, plus the courage we put in it”, the former prime minister told reporters, posting the sign on the bulletin board, in which his name will not appear. When asked if he will stand as a candidate for the Chamber or the Senate, Conte did not say too much: “We will let you know shortly”.

(by Antonio Atte)