M5S, refunds and 2×1000: members meeting called

From 12 noon on Monday 29 November to 12 noon on Tuesday 30 November 2021

M5S, “the meeting of members is convened from 12 noon on Monday 29 November to 12 noon on Tuesday 30 November 2021 to deliberate on the following topics: destination of the refunds from national spokespersons and approval of the proposed access to 2 × 1000 and private financing under a subsidized tax regime“, we read on the website of the Movement.

On the first point, it is explained: “The spokespersons of the 5 Star Movement independently reduce the allowance to return it to the community. Up to now, over 100 million euros have been returned and we will continue to do so. The members are called upon to decide on the destination of the sum. of 4,000,000 euros (four million / euros) of the refunds of national spokespersons, choosing from the subjects listed below reported by the same parliamentary groups. Anpas – National Association for Public Aid; CNR – National Research Council – for Research Projects; Emergency; Abele Group Onlus; Lega del Filo d’Oro; Doctors Without Borders; Nine Onlus – Afghanistan Emergency; Members can express up to 2 preferences. The allocated amount will be divided among the individuals indicated, in proportion to the number of preferences received “.

On the second: “The President, in light of the requests received during the General States of the 5 Star Movement and the indications received from the assembly of parliamentary groups of November 24, 2021, intends to submit to the assembly of members the proposal for registration in the national register DL 149/2013, for the purposes of both access to 2 × 1000 financing and private financing under a subsidized tax regime “. Voting will take place exclusively using the SkyVote online telematic tool.