M5S refunds, we change: much of a ‘treasure’ to the party

From the parliamentarians of the Movement 500 euros a month to the community and the ex will be able to keep 80% severance pay

They will be submitted to the Network for a vote, so that the M5S base will have the last word. And to put the seal on the new rules of ‘refunds’ in the Grillina house. Old anti-caste battle of the planet 5 Stars, arrived in Parliament between receipts and expenses to be reported so as to be able to make part of the salaries to the community, the Movement is equipping itself with new rules which, according to Adnkronos, will be made known to beginning of the year and submitted to online voting. With significant changes compared to the past: the parliamentarians will have to repay 2,500 euros a month, but, of these, as many as 2,000 will go to the M5S, therefore to the party, while only 500 will end up “in an account in the name of the 5 Star Movement Association specifically dedicated to repaying the community”, reads the document with the new rules previewed by Adnkronos.

But the new weights are quite different, except for changes during the race. MPs will be able to withhold “25% of any indemnity or reimbursement in relation to further offices assumed”, until the last legislature rendered in full -just think of that of the Speaker of the Chamber, Roberto Fico-, “the remainder must be paid to the 5 Star Movement Association for the running costs of the Association”. Furthermore, news is also arriving for the end-of-term allowance, which the former parliamentarians should have received in these days and which, according to the old rules, they should have returned almost in full (two thirds). This is the liquidation of around 44 thousand euros per legislature – therefore just under 90 thousand euros for those who jumped on the double mandate trap – which, due to the rules of the M5S wanted in the early days by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio, the 5 Star deputies and senators they would give back to the community.

Now, however, it’s changing: according to the new rules, 80% of the end-of-term allowance will remain in the pockets of the former, the remaining 20%, also for this item, will end up in the coffers of the M5S association for the expenses of functioning. And this will also apply to the outgoing members of the former legislature – therefore including the ‘big names’ who have not changed shirts – assuming they are still registered with the M5S.

Raggi gets in the way, last word to the Net

“He will be able to keep the solidarity check (also called end-of-term benefit) for himself for the part exceeding the 20% share of the amount received – reads the draft of the document – the remaining part must be paid to the 5 Star Movement Association for operating expenses; these amounts are calculated net of any taxes”. While for those who have left the Movement – think only of the split of the Dimaians – “the provisions contained in the Regulation relating to the economic treatment of the elected members of the 5 Star Movement approved by the Guarantee Committee on 11 April 2021” apply, i.e. two thirds of the The check will have to be returned, according to the document held by Adnkronos.

The new rules were submitted last October to the grillino guarantee committee, made up of Fico, Laura Bottici and Virginia Raggi. However, the former Capitoline mayor, as told by Adnkronos at the time, would have gotten in the way, because she was against various changes, not least the one on the end-of-term allowance for outgoing parliamentarians, the return of which has long been a flagship of the M5S. Then the question would no longer be addressed in the guarantee committee, where two out of three members – i.e. Fico and Bottici – would also be in potential conflict of interest on the rule on the severance pay, precisely as outgoing.

Perhaps also for this reason, the leadership of the Movement would have decided to take another path, submitting the question to the Network, leaving it to the ‘base’ to have the last word. A choice that, on the rules on refunds, is unprecedented. The vote should be called in a handful of days.