M5S, the 84-year-old former priest to parliamentarians: “I am the eldest”

“Devout Count? I don’t believe in Saints”

Natale Bianchi, 84, is the oldest candidate for the 5 Star Movement MPs. Former priest of Gioiosa Ionica, in Calabria, Bianchi runs for a seat in the Chamber. “I have dedicated my whole life to my neighbor. For me, politics is a tool to serve others. I was in Thailand very young, I felt the need to take an interest in the problems of humanity. I have always been involved in the social sector to help marginalized people and categories. disadvantaged “, the aspiring Honorable Member told Adnkronos, while on the Sky Vote platform grillini members are asked to choose candidates for policies.

Bianchi acknowledges that “the chances of being elected are minimal … I have not advertised, I have not phoned anyone to sponsor my candidacy. To be elected or not – he continues – leaves me indifferent, for me it is important to continue my commitment. life alongside the least “.

“The M5S, especially in the initial phase, was a Noah’s Ark where there were the most heterogeneous and contradictory visions, then it began to clarify. In the Movement there was everything and more. The Movement was initially a cry of protest against the degradation of politics “, explains the former priest, very attached to his land, Calabria:”I was ordained a priest in the diocese of Locri and I also fought to free it from the clutches of the ‘Ndrangheta“.

Of the leader of Giuseppe Conte, very devoted to Padre Pio, he says he has “great admiration”: “But his religiosity is not mine, in my horizon there are no saints, nor miracles. My spirituality is secular”, he remarks the former priest. “I am part of the basic Christian communities, I have always been very critical of the institutional church. When I was parish priest in Gioiosa Ionica, I put up a sign: ‘The church belongs to the people'”.

The church, however, expelled him. “I was expelled from a certain church”, replies Bianchi: “The church is bigger than the Vatican, than the hierarchy. Currently I am a layman among the laity, a citizen among the citizens, walking in solidarity with the least of the earth. “.

(by Antonio Atte)