M5S, the former parliamentarians also ‘post’ at the party

“This is how we voted”

“All the President’s Men”. Giuseppe Conte collects the green light of the 5 Star base for his list of 15 ‘chosen’, which may be included, with priority criteria, in the lists of candidates in one or more multi-member constituencies. “The candidates I proposed to work on our idea of ​​a country have obtained a broad consensus, reaching 90%,” said the M5S leader with satisfaction. 50,014 voters out of 133,664 entitled to participated in the starred parliamentarians: “The highest figure ever”, underline the Movement. But at the feast of digital democracy grillina there was no lack of postmen.

Although the risk of ‘infiltrators’ was known, to the online consultation also several former members voted in some way: that is, those parliamentarians who, between splits and expulsions, are no longer part of the pentastellata family. “I was able to my great surprise to vote in the parliamentarians. And like me, also other former M5S colleagues”, reveals to Adnkronos a deputy who now plays in Luigi Di Maio’s Civic Commitment, but who wants to remain anonymous.

Instead, my colleague Lucia Scanu, a former 5-star member of Coraggio Italia, puts her face: “I too managed to vote, but this did not surprise me. The M5S – the Sardinian parliamentarian told Adnkronos – for years was the my home, in my opinion it was right to allow the ex to vote as well. At least a dozen ex M5S people with whom I spoke were able to vote “.

In addition to the former ‘voters’, there are also the former ‘qualified to vote’ who, however, have decided not to participate in the vote. This is the case, for example, of Emanuela Corda, exponent of Alternativa, expelled last year for not having voted to trust the Draghi government: “I received the email with the link to vote but I didn’t, I didn’t I was interested. ” “I received the email too”, echoes the dimaiano Francesco Berti. “I have moved on, but yes, I received that email”, says Maria Soave Alemanno, who is now part of the Italia Viva group.

The same email enabling the vote materialized in the mailbox of Alessio Villarosa (Mixed Group), who smiles: “In practice, they never expelled us from the Movement. I did not vote in the parliamentarians but I could have, I always remain a member of the Movement national team, they ‘transferred’ me to the new blog without asking me anything. And I imagine that other colleagues like me, despite being outside the M5S, are still members of the National Movement. For this they voted “, remarked the parliamentarian expelled from the pentastellato group in the Chamber in 2021.

To those who ask how it was possible that the parliamentarians have also voted expelled parliamentarians, the managers of the Sky Vote platform respond disclaiming all responsibility: “We just send the link to enable the vote by email to a list of contacts that is provided to us. from the 5 Star Movement. The M5S is responsible for that list “, explained to Adnkronos.

(from Antonio Atte)