M5S, the ‘I’m not there’ by Di Battista: “Grillo padre padrone”

Conte works on nominations, maximum confidentiality but names of De Raho and Santoro go around

Lists knot on Giuseppe Conte’s table, while the electoral campaign for the political elections of 25 September gets underway. The 5-star leaders are grappling with the screening of self-nominations received online by the deadline of 8 August. After that, the machine of the parliamentarians will start to choose the pentastellated candidates, which will probably be celebrated on August 16. Conte will then have to solve the puzzle of the composition of the lists, starting with the choice of the capilista: top sources assure Adnkronos that in this case the M5S leader could take into account the preferences obtained by the candidates for the parliamentarians. The former premier, who returned to work in the headquarters of the Movement after a few days spent in San Felice Circeo, is not unbalanced for now and prefers to keep the utmost confidentiality.

What is certain is that Alessandro Di Battista will not be from the match, who today in a harsh video message posted on his social channels explained the reasons for his lack of candidacy for parliamentary women: “There were no conditions”, he vents. former deputy of the M5S, telling of having spoken with the same Count. “I understood that there are many components in the current M5S who do not want me. From Beppe Grillo to Roberto Fico … Perhaps they fear that I am unbridgeable, because perhaps they rightly fear that I can remember political mistakes that have been committed in the last two years by various exponents: Grillo, Di Maio who then left, Fico. Those who in a certain sense were the main promoters of the Movement’s entry into the Draghi government “, attacks Di Battista.

The former grillino exponent points the finger at almost all the M5S executives (excluding Conte), on whose part he would not have felt the necessary confidence to take a step forward: “I have read interviews with various exponents of the 5 Star Movement who pulled me in dance, not really pretty … Nobody said to me ‘we need you’. The kindest were ‘if he comes back you have to line up.’ The least kind were ‘we don’t need him because he’s a destroyer’, like Attila the king of the Huns. Perhaps the consensus loggers were others: some are still inside the M5S, others are gone “.

And if for the former prime minister he spends words to honey (“a gentleman, he has always been loyal to me”), Dibba does not send them to say instead to Grillo: “Politically today I do not trust Beppe Grillo, who still partly does like father master. And I’m not under Grillo “. The former Roman parliamentarian then announces new projects for the future: “In the coming months, together with other people, I will create a cultural association to do politics together from the outside, to give us a structure and a civic organization to make active citizenship … Then we will see”.

The fears of the outgoing elected officials are fighting for a ‘place in the sun’ on the lists. “But in the end did Conte put forward his candidacy for the parliamentarians?”, Asks a pentastellato, “it is from this that we will understand if it will be Giuseppe who will choose the capilista or not”.

In the meantime, rumors follow one another on the possible names of the ‘civil society’ that Conte would be probing for a possible candidacy: from the trade unionist Aboubakar Soumahoro to the magistrate and former national anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho, passing through the journalist and historical TV face Michele Santoro.