M5S, today 13 years of the Movement but Grillo is silent

Conte wishes but still no sign from the founder and in chat the grillini ask themselves: “What happened to it?” “

Thirteen years of M5S. Born on the day of St. Francis, patron saint of Italy, the Movement celebrates his birth today, 4 October. This morning, on time, the best wishes from the leader Giuseppe Contewho, in a long post on Facebook, claimed that “today more than ever we need Movement 5 Stars “. But, by now at the end of the day, there is a silence, perhaps only a delay, which nevertheless stands out in M5S environments. It is that of Beppe Grillo who, every year on time, uses social media to congratulate his ‘creature’.

In last year’s post the shot that portrayed him with a young Gianroberto Casaleggio – the guarantor in a black t-shirt and the hand on his face; Casaleggio with jeans, thick hair and a blue sweater – and the words: “12 years ago we did the impossible. Now we have to do what is necessary”.

This year – 13 candles on the M5S cake – the wishes of the founder of the Movement have not yet arrived. So much so that in the few internal chats left ‘alive’ someone among those of the ‘old course’ asks: “But what happened to it?”. When asked by Adnkronos, he keeps Grillo’s staff silent. On the blog of the Genoese comedian at the moment there is only a post on ‘La Lettera’, the documentary on the encyclical on the environmental crisis written in 2015 by Pope Francis.