Maccanico: ‘For Cinecittà a new era among the great international players’

The CEO: “Cinecittà has never been so full of serial, international, Italian and television productions”

“Cinecittà has never been so full of serial, international, Italian and television productions”. The managing director Nicola Maccanico looks with “great confidence” to the future of the studios in Rome made famous in the world in the 60s at the time of the so-called “Hollywood on the Tiber”.

“I expect a Cinecittà that is always full – said Maccanico during a meeting with journalists at the Venice Film Festival – and it is no coincidence that we are working to make it grow with an ambitious and precise development project. We already have everything. sold out for production for the first half of 2023, we are working to achieve the same result for the second half of the new year “.

For Cinecittà, therefore, “a new era” has opened. 2022 photographs a balance of significant growth with studios fully occupied, a trend confirmed for the first part of 2023. 70% of the productions are international, and note the significant presence of co-productions. In Cinecittà today films, series, TV programs, documentaries, commercials are shot. A dynamic snapshot that reverberates in the various genres: theaters welcome productions from the majors and platforms, auteur cinema, spectacular series, docu, independent films.

“Until a year and a half ago we had studios full between 40 and 50%, and on average above all Theater 5, and then with spaces dedicated to events. Today, there is a film and audiovisual market. in continuous growth, the big studios are working at full speed. The big studios – explained Maccanico – work if the country-system works. And at this moment Cinecittà is fine because the country-system works well “. And it is no coincidence then, if the CEO of the Roman Studios already hypothesizes for 2022 a return to profit for the financial statements of Cinecittà, a goal set by the industrial plan for 2023.

Another result of the new Cinecittà is the attraction of larger and more ambitious productions. Hence the need for physical expansion, technical / technological updating, and new theaters with a leap in quality to also contribute to the development of Italian media production. The relationship with the major audiovisual players has been significantly increased. Cinecittà has signed a strategic contract with Fremantle which provides for the continuous rental of 6 Cinecittà studios for five years, for Italian and international films and TV series and new important agreements have been signed with Lumina Studios for 4 theaters located in Roma Nord for the period that will be used for the construction of the new studios.

A decisive technological boost has been added to the component of internationally recognized workers made up of artisans, technicians, creatives in all departments: the Theater 6 for 360⁰ virtual shooting, and the brand new T18, a smart stage with LED wall for more virtual shooting. large in Europe (where Angelina Jolie ‘Whitoub Blood’ has just finished filming), one of the most advanced in the world, to recreate all kinds of high definition digital environments: a technology in use for the major American productions.

Currently the 18 studios are full 70% of “great Italian productions that look to the world”, announced Maccanico. The future of Cinecittà is closely linked to achieving the objectives of the NRP, which provides for investments of 260 million euros by 2026.

“We will build 5 new studios in the existing Cinecittà, going from 8 thousand to 20 thousand square meters. We will try so – underlined Maccanico to overcome one of the limits of today’s Cinecittà, which has some theaters that are too small for today’s needs. creating new spaces of at least 1,200 square meters for high-level productions and series. The first theater that we will build thanks to the PNRR will be a 3,500 square meter theater “.

The maxi investment of the NRP will allow not only to modernize, renovate and expand the existing Cinecittà (about 40 hectares) but also to build new structures on a new land of 31 hectares thanks to a pre-agreement with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, with closing expected in autumn. 8 new studios will be built on 15 hectares, while the remaining 16 hectares will be used for outdoor scenography. The tenders for the expansion of the current Cinecittà should be assigned by June 2023.

“We can’t wait to have the new spaces to meet the great demand underway – concluded Nicola Maccanico – Having a bigger Cinecittà will also allow us to make framework agreements with producers. As soon as we have new spaces to sell for individuals. films to be produced we will be able to reason on quadrio agreements. Growth in the market is crucial “.

(by Paolo Martini)