Macron announces: “We will train Ukrainian pilots”

“Training will begin immediately”

Our strategy is to help Ukraine resist“. Emmanuel Macron said this, during the interview tonight on Tf1, announcing that, during his recent talks with Volodymyr Zelensky in Paris, he opened “the door to the training of” Ukrainian pilots. In the talks “there was no talk of hunting”, added the French president, but of “missiles and training”, training that will “start immediately”. “For now, let’s start training, it’s the agreement that most Europeans have taken,” Macron pointed out.

Then, with regard to support for Ukraine, Macron underlined that this involves helping it “to organize, at the moment it chooses, a counter-offensive in order to be able to bring everyone back to the negotiating table and, under the conditions it has chosen, build a peace for itself lasting”. Then announcing that France will send “new ammunition”the French president wanted to recall that “war is not being waged against Russia, but Ukraine is being helped to resist the Russian invasion. This means – he concluded – we will not send weapons that can reach or attack Russia” .