Macron decides to change the blue of the flag and doesn’t tell anyone

At least it cost little, 5000 euros. But the problem, probably, is that the operation of the change of color of the French flag has not been communicated to anyone. The blue that has been waving on the public of the République for at least a year is in fact different. While before it was a cobalt, it is now dark blue, or, according to Pantone’s chronimetry, it should be defined as “marine” or navy.

An “aesthetic” choice made a year ago

Of course it must not have been a shock, since no one has noticed it, at least not until radio Europa 1 has pointed it out, and therefore you pass, what is curious, in some respects, is the reason.

In fact, the first reason is purely aesthetic: President Emmanuel Macron followed the advice of his trusted set designer, Arnaud Jolens.

The decision to change the shade of blue on the flag dates back to July 2020, when Jolens – who manages the operations at the Elysée for everything related to the “scenography” – proposed the historic change to the head of state. The white and red would have remained as they are, but the cobalt blue, adopted by former president Vale’ry Giscard d’Estaing in open reference to the European flag, would have been replaced by a blue of a different shade.

The change was also made to all the tricolors in view of the Assemblée Nationale and the Ministry of the Interior, added Europe 1.

A return to the origins

But it is not just an aesthetic question, there is another, more purely political one.

The decision, in fact, was the subject of a lively debate at the top of the République. Some close collaborators of the head of state explained that the idea of ​​the “scenographer” of the Elysée was inspired by the “return to the colors of the flag of 1793”, after the Revolution.

Which, in view of the upcoming elections, takes on a different meaning and significance, with a clear reference to the roots of the Republic’s founding values.