Macron: “If Europe wants to be able to defend itself, it must also arm itself”

“Accelerate war production on EU soil”

If Europe wants to be able to defend Europe, it must also arm itself and accelerate its ability to produce on European soil“. Emmanuel Macron said this when he proposed, in his speech today at the Munich Security Conference, the creation of a coordinated European program for the production of armaments. The French president also proposed “launching a European conference for air defense” .

Regarding the Ukraine-Russia war, Macron says: “We are ready for a protracted conflict“. “We must absolutely step up our support and our efforts to allow the Ukrainians to launch the counter-offensive” which could lead to negotiations “under the conditions” set by Kiev. The French president then stated that “at the same time we must commit to the preparation of peace, we must immediately prepare the terms of peace”.

“The time for dialogue has not yet come because Russia has chosen war, it has chosen to target civilian infrastructure and to commit war crimes. Russia’s attack must fail.” “Unity and determination are important to provide Ukraine with the means to go to the negotiating table in an acceptable way and work for a long-term peace under the conditions decided by the Ukrainians” the French president said again, expressing the belief that Russia is destined ” to a defeat in the future”.