Macron in Rome for the Quirinale Treaty, what is it

The French president signs the agreement with Draghi on 25 November

The President of France Emmanuel Macron in Rome on November 25 to sign the Treaty of the Quirinale with the Prime Minister Mario Draghi. What is the Quirinale Treaty? The text is intended to structure relations between Rome and Paris on the model of the 1963 Elysée Treaty between France and Germany.

The project was started by French President Emmanuel Macron and then Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on the occasion of the summit in January 2018, but the works were interrupted during the first Conte government, following the strong diplomatic tensions between the two countries following the exchange of accusations between Paris and the then Interior Minister Matteo Salvini about welcoming migrants and meeting with a group of yellow vests of the then Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio.

Tears that were mended during the second Conte government: on the occasion of the Italian-French summit in Naples on February 27, 2020, which marked the relaunch of relations between Rome and Paris, the then prime minister and Macron reaffirmed their desire to resume work for the signing of the Treaty. Work that has accelerated in recent months, also thanks to the strong personal understanding between the French president and Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who last met in Paris last Friday on the occasion of the conference on Libya.