Macron-Meloni, thaw at the Council of Europe

The French president: “We will work together”. The premier: “I will see everyone”

It is a thaw between Emmanuel Macron and Giorgia Meloni. Italian sources speak of a “very friendly climate in Iceland” between the French president and the Italian premier on the sidelines of the work of the Council of Europe. Macron, it is explained, greeted the head of the Italian government before the start of the Reykjavik summit. Meloni was the first to wish the president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, a happy birthday.

Before the opening of the proceedings, the prime minister spoke with the British prime minister Rishi Sunak, the chancellor Olaf Scholz and other heads of state and government, also conversing with Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the Ukrainian prime minister Shmyhal, who a few weeks ago participated in the Rome Conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

MELONI AND THE MEETING WITH MACRON – Meeting with Macron? “I’ll be able to see everyone, from here I’m going straight to Japan for the G7. These are long days in which we’ll all talk to everyone. I’ve already replied on this, it’s a matter that doesn’t particularly interest me. I’m interested in the issues that in this phase the international community must have the strength to face and reiterate without hesitation. The rest are internal political issues and we leave them to internal politics”, the words of the Italian premier upon arrival at the Council of Europe in Reykjavik.

MIGRANTS, MACRON’S ASSISTANCE TO ITALY – “Meloni? We will work together, I think there will be an opportunity to meet and exchange our points of view”, said Macron, speaking to the press on the sidelines of the work of the Council of Europe in Reykjavik. “We need to work with all EU member states, that’s my philosophy.” “Above all, there is a need to cooperate for common borders, because I don’t underestimate that Italy is the country of first arrival: it undergoes strong pressure and cannot be left alone. We must build common solutions”, he added.