Macron: “NATO is not at war with Russia, Putin must not win”

“The war decided by Putin in Ukraine is a great strategic mistake”

“NATO is not at war. Russia alone bears the responsibility for the war” unleashed in Ukraine “and its consequences” on a global level. This was underlined by French President Emmanuel Macron, at a press conference in Madrid at the end of the summit of NATO heads of state and government.

In the face of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine “we cannot yield and we do not wage war. Ukraine, even if it is not part of NATO, is fighting for values ​​that are at the heart of international law. This is why Russia cannot, does not must win this war. ” Therefore, “sanctions” will continue to be imposed on Moscow to weaken its war effort and to “support” Ukraine.

The fact that two countries like Sweden and Finland “have decided, despite their history and traditions, to join our alliance is the clearest strategic message to Russia. It is the seal that the war decided by President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine it is a great strategic mistake. ”