Macron supports the two Towers of Bologna with a 100,000 euro donation and a special shirt

Pavanello: “The Garisenda tower is everyone’s heritage and I am sure that the contribution to save it will come from everywhere”

Macron’s heart beats for Bologna. The roots of a company are the foundations of an activity that is born and grows in a territory. Macron and Bologna are an indissoluble combination. Identity is fundamental for a company, for a brand. This is the reason why Macron’s Board of Directors, last December 1st, decided to contribute to the safety and consolidation works of the Garisenda tower, a symbol of the city’s identity, through a donation of 100,000 euros. The initiative of the Emilian brand, which supports the Municipality of Bologna, demonstrates the strong bond of the Crespellano company with the Emilian capital. A choice of doing that has always characterized Macron’s activity, many times at the forefront in favor of social and solidarity initiatives. The relationship between Macron and Bologna is of strong intensity and the sense of belonging to this city and the territory it represents is also amply demonstrated in the writing “Designed in Bologna” present on every item of the Emilian company and which highlights how it is designed , designed and developed in the Bologna headquarters of the Italian brand.

Together with the contribution of 100,000 euros which was announced during the joint press conference with the Municipality of Bologna, which was attended by Matteo Lepore, Mayor of Bologna, Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron, the creation of a special shirt was also announced dedicated to the Towers of Bologna. The shirt, which features a special graphic on the front with the words “We Love Bologna”, is already on sale at the Macron Sports Hub Bologna, the Macron Stores in Gran Reno, Rastignano and Galleria Cavour, the Bologna Welcome store and online on macron .com at the link Part of the proceeds from the sale of this special t-shirt will be added to the amount already allocated by the Bolognese company to support the works to protect the Garisenda Tower.

“It was really easy to choose to support the Two Towers of Bologna – commented Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron -. Macron and Bologna have always been one thing. For this reason, we donated 100,000 euros for our city and for a monument symbolizing Bologna. Giving Bologna, in a concrete form, the love that we receive from her every day was a duty. In our own way we also wanted to create a special t-shirt in which part of the proceeds will be added to the sum already donated. The Garisenda tower is everyone’s heritage and I am sure that the contribution to save it will come from everywhere.”