Madame investigated, the singer breaks the silence: “I’m doing the necessary vaccinations”

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Madame has decided to break the silence she had so far maintained on the matter which sees her involved in an investigation into false anti-Covid vaccinations aimed at obtaining the Green Pass. A case that had involved the world of music in general, with various controversies regarding her participation in Sanremo, which is still confirmed at the moment. The singer published a long post on social media, in which she explains that she was “born and raised in a family that for various reasons began to doubt doctors and traditional medicine” and admits “not only” that she did not “readily Covid vaccine”, but also of not having “other vaccines”. But she then says that, after discovering that she was being investigated, she decided to go to an infectious disease specialist who prescribed her “essential” vaccinations: “I will continue and will continue to complete all those necessary for me and useful for others”.

“I would not judge a priori the choices of a mother and a father”

“I have taken the time to talk about this which is very personal. There are so many things to say that I don’t know where to start but I sincerely hope you find it all here,” writes Madame. “I was born and raised – she explains – in a family that for various reasons began to doubt doctors and traditional medicine measures by pushing towards alternative research. In fact, not only did I not promptly get the Covid vaccine but I don’t have other vaccines. I would not judge a priori the choices of a mother and father in love with a perfectly healthy daughter after having suffered an abortion a few years earlier.Even the medical treatments I have received are almost always (except in cases where chemical medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers or cortisone) were natural. However, it’s easy to start from the search for an alternative and end up in an infernal circle of conspiracy”.

Medical visits in Milan

“During Covid – writes the artist from Vicenza – my parents fall for it. Since I knew that what they were saying was going in a stubborn and contrary direction to what science was exposing, I decided to shut my ears and not want to know nothing more from them or from television. However, I ask friends and acquaintances what they thought of this vaccine and as I imagined some are in favor and a few others less so. Subsequently I also ask doctors and retired doctors what they thought of it and the answers this time are all be positive. I was therefore booking a vaccine in Milan when my mother warned me that I would have done it with her in Vicenza. Once I arrive in Vicenza, I understand that her position had not changed but I don’t reproach her for that”. At that point, Madame recounts, “exploiting my living together alone in Milan, under the control of myself alone, I decide, moved by good will and hypochondriasis, to undergo various visits. I book about twenty, of all kinds, even to no avail (as many doctors I have seen have said) since often the answer has been ‘Miss, you are as healthy as a fish’, except in some cases, but here we enter my health condition and I consider it an intimate and private. I ask every doctor specialized in areas related to Covid for his opinion on vaccines and the answer has always been positive”.

“This situation screams in my face that I have to make a choice”

So “once out of the chaos of the pandemic – Madame writes again – with almost zero anxiety and no external pressure, I decide to start unplugging my ears and finally begin to document myself without asking for external help. I know from videos, documents, debates, interviews that all my parents told me were exactly the theories that supported characters ignorant of medical matters and clearly overwhelmed by fear. At which I was frightened and realized that I had kept my ears plugged for too long. One day at lunch in mountain comes a phone call from the police station. On Monday I go to them, I’m being investigated. This situation screams in my face that I have to make a choice, take courage and make my last move”.

“I will continue to complete all necessary vaccinations”

“After a long chat with an infectious disease doctor and a review of my last visits, he prescribes me a series of vaccinations that he deems essential – continues Madame – I explain all my doubts to him, he patiently welcomes them, answers me with availability and I understand. He gives me the contact details of his colleagues at the vaccination center and I continue and will continue to complete all those necessary for me and useful for others. Thank you Doctor”.

“Inform yourselves with a clear mind, I also tell my parents”

Madame then closes the long post with some considerations and an appeal: “To all the people who wrote to me that I was right not to get vaccinated and everything, I want to invite you to inform yourself with a clear mind, without making you panic. Trust the right people . No one wants our harm. We all fight after all for one reason only: to stay healthy and stay calm”. “These words are also addressed to my parents, who I consider to be really intelligent people but taken by a fear that has led them into unreliable contexts – concludes the singer – Luckily this story has made them think too and I have received positive feedback with respect to mine new positions. This was the story. This was the moral. Do not be afraid. Because fear blocks life. I thank you for the attention, support and love that you continue to show me for what we are building together. Thank you for your patience and affection. See you very soon”.