Madame, who is the singer who will be in Sanremo 2023 with “The good in the bad”

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Madame is the youngest winner of the Targa Tenco for best debut album and best song Voice, a song that also won the Lunezia Prize and the Bardotti Prize both for the best text, confirming the exceptional caliber of the singer-songwriter. Alongside the accolades for musical and literary value, Madame has so far collected 33 platinum and gold certifications in just two years and conquered the public in a sold out tour that confirmed how much she was born to sing and be on stage. Energetic, spontaneous, engaging, the singer-songwriter shared a free space in which to be safe to truly be yourself. 2023 will be a year of new music for Madame, starting with her participation in the Sanremo Festival with the song The good in the badwritten by Madame and composed by Bias, Brail and Madame.

From Sciccherie to the various featuring, who is Madame

Vicentina born in 2002, Madame, real name Francesca Calearo, is part of the roster of Paola Zukar, a real lady of rap and manager of artists such as Fabri Fibra, Marracash and Clementino. She made her debut in the music world at the age of 16 with her in singles Anna thanks to the rapper, sound engineer and producer Eiemgei, the first to believe in her. With him also the youtubers Arcade Boyz which helped her to make her talent known. The music video has surpassed one million views. The name Madame it was born by chance thanks to a name generator for drag queens that a friend of hers introduced her to. Initially Wilde was chosen, then Madame, considered more incisive. The real success came thanks to Sciccherie, published in 2018 and appreciated for the peculiarity of the text. The words are in fact accented according to the music. There are over 10 million views of the video Sciccheriea song also appreciated by Cristiano Ronaldo who used it in an Instagram story. The same Madame commented the attention given by the Portuguese champion: “When a fan pointed it out to me, I was thinking of a trick to attract attention, but no… Cristiano was really listening to me from his terrace. I called my managers in tears, I screamed like any elated 17-year-old. I reposted to my account and thousands of people celebrated with me.”

Individuals, collaborations AND THE SANREMO FESTIVAL

After the success of Sciccherie, Madame he recorded the singles 17, Baby, Feel me And Clitus. Many collaborations developed over time starting with Marrakech who wanted it on the album Person in the track Madame. Then it was the turn of Dardust who chose her vocals to feature alongside Marracash and Ghali for the single Defuera. Also Hernia And Dani Faiv have collaborated with the young rapper respectively in Out of place And Cutaway. In the album of Negramaro Contact the only featuring present is precisely with Madame in Nothing is truesong written by Giuliano Sangiorgi and from itself Frances Calearo. On December 3, the singer opens the semifinal of the fourteenth edition of X Factor (WATCH THE SPECIAL) singing his Baby in duet with Blind. Between 2 and 6 March 2021 you attended the San Remo Festival with the new Voice. It is positioned in eighth place also winning the Lunar Prize for the musical-literary value of the piece and the Sergio Bardotti Award for the best text. The single is certified quadruple platinum by FIMI. March 19 came out Madame, the first official album, composed of 16 tracks of which 8 featuring. His collaborations are many, among the many we mention I will trust with Marco Mengoni And It seems with Ghali. On April 15 of last year the new single was released The exception while May 3 begins the Madame on tour 2022originally scheduled for November 2021 but postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On August 23, 2022 she was announced as the conductor of the final concert of the Taranta night: for the singer-songwriter it is the first time in this role, after having already been concertmaster of the previous edition. Now you, waiting for the Sanremo Festival, you have to defend yourself from the accusation of false ideology because you would have obtained the green pass without having had the vaccine.