Madonna after hospitalization decided to change the will

Following emergency hospitalization in late June for a bacterial infection, Madonna, 64, is said to have drafted her will. According to reports from the tabloid The Sun, is estimated at 600 million dollars. Madonna allegedly arranged for her fortune to be divided equally among her six children. And therefore about 100 to each of them. Part of her royalties would also go to her longtime manager Guy Oseary, “as a tribute,” she explains The Sun – for her dedication and work”. Two days ago the pop star announced that she was “on the road to recovery”, ready to return “as soon as possible, stronger than before”, however her health conditions – fragile also due to 12-hour rehearsals ahead of the upcoming tour – would lead her to putting the finishing touches on her will.

The will

Madonna is known for having always been in full control of her life and career, so it’s no wonder she wants to leave very strict dispositions on her estate to the heirs. Second The Sun, would have expressly prohibited the sale after his death of cheap gadgets that would tarnish his image. She also objected to the use of holograms for future postmortem shows. “She’s spent her whole life pulling strings and keeping up with pop culture, so there’s no question of her letting all that hard work get ruined,” an unnamed source close to her told the Sun. The star is reported to have left specific instructions that her fortune and royalties be split only among her six children, ranging in age from 10 to 26: two biological children, her eldest children Lourdes and Rocco, and four adopted in Malawi, David, Mercy and the twins Ester and Stella. “She also plans to give some to her longtime manager, Guy Oseary, as a thank you for standing by her through good times and bad,” she said again. The Sun.

The “Celebration Tour”

Her 84-date “Celebration” tour, which was due to kick off on July 15, was postponed with plans to kick off with the European leg in London on October 14 and later make up for the American dates. Financially, the singer is at the head of one of showbiz’s biggest fortunes, estimated at $600 million, which is expected to rise again with her next tour, as she receives about a third of the ticket price. Added to these are the annual revenues from the rights to use the catalog of songs and her image of her, which can represent a real fortune for her descendants.