Madonna featured on the cover of the first European ‘Icon Issue’ of ‘Vanity Fair’

The new editorial project involving Italy, France and Spain created by photographers Luigi & Iango

‘Vanity Fair’ announces a new one European collaboration involving Italy, France and Spain for ‘The Icon issue’,
the debut of an annual initiative that goes beyond the boundaries of publishing, becoming a art project which includes an exhibition, a short movie, a collaboration between fashion, art and design and an urban art performance. The first protagonist of this journey could only be Madonna, global icon for over four decades, pioneer, diva and pop star, who dedicated herself to this project, created by photographers Luigi & Iango, expressing the values ​​that he promoted throughout his artistic and iconographic career. Madonna participated in a two-day shooting together with more than 80 talents, wearing, among others, clothes by John Galliano for Maison Margiela, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, under the direction of B. Åkerlund, Swedish stylist based in Los Angeles and fashion director of the service. The result is an extraordinary portfolio, which includes short films and videos for social media media and for the digital channels of ‘Vanity Fair’. Madonna gave ‘Vanity Fair’ an exclusive interview where she talks about feminism, sexuality, religion and diversity, underlining his constant battles against patriarchy and acknowledging the price he has had to pay over the years to defend his beliefs. The story of his upbringing in a Catholic family, of his current spiritual approach, more mystical than dogmatic, of the importance of his family life and of seeing his children grow up expressing their talent and creativity, outline an extraordinary portrait of the more intimate than the pop icon.

This unique profile is accompanied by special interviews given for the occasion at ‘Vanity Fair’ by John Galliano and Pedro Almodóvar, who talk about their respective relationships with the star. “Madonna’s career has a biblical dimension, a universal reach – says Galliano – The first time I saw her she was already inspired, without fear, with integrity and artistic pride”. Almodóvar talks about all his meetings with Madonna over the years, despite the two artists have not yet worked together: “He has his dark sidebut also another brighter side”. Madonna has influenced and inspired the lives of many people and entire generations, among these ‘Vanity Fair Italia’ tells the story of Marilena Delli Umuhoza, photographer, director and Italian Afro-descendant writer, which recalls how many of her songs encouraged her to find her place in the world in Italy in the 1990s. English essayist Katherine Angel. If Madonna celebrated female desire, she made it an object of study and explains how subversive and political her provocation was then. Madonna also reveals that she is working on her new her world show ‘The Celebration Tour’.

Among his projects is also a biographical film of his own: ”I’m about to create a new show – he revealed – And I’ve been working on the film script of a movie about my life. It’s a beautiful moment because I gather ideas, let myself be inspired, hang out with creative people, watch lots of films, listen to music”. “Madonna has accepted not only to be part of a service but of an artistic project which is the representation of values which he has embodied for the past 40 years. Every picture is a snapshot, a reflection on the great contribution that this artist has made to culture in recent decades – says Simone Marchetti, ‘Vanity Fair European Editorial Director’, who conducted the interview – Those pages are the milestones of a discussion, of progress and of a commitment that does not end here. A commitment that we strive to tell, explain and illustrate in each issue of ‘Vanity Fair'”.

”Retracing Madonna’s musical and personal career for the preparation of this special issue – says Alberto Moreno, Head of Editorial Content of ‘Vanity Fair’ Spain – was almost overwhelming, and when we saw the final result of Luigi & Iango for our first ‘European Icon Issue’, it was understood: Madonna has done it again. Her peculiarities are more alive than ever, always at the center of the debate, ahead of the times on many occasions since she started her 40 years ago”. Olivier Bouchara, Head of Editorial Content of ‘Vanity Fair’ France explains that “in this very special issue, Madonna is once again Madonna: an icon. Not just the incarnation of a musical trend or a style, but a figure as intriguing as it is sacred – he explains – She entrusted herself body and soul to creativity of our photographers, Luigi & Iango, to redesign with them, three decades later ‘Like Virgin’, the contours of his relationship with religion. Paintings, more than photos. Reinterpretations, more than representations”. This ‘Icon Issue’ of Vanity Fair is a project that is only at the beginning of its journey: in September 2023, in fact, it will be part of the retrospective exhibition by photographers and artists Luigi & Iango al Royal Palace Museum in Milan.