Madonna, hard poses and extreme facelift: the post that baffles the fans – Photo

“Are you crazy?”, And she responds with a quote from poet Mary Oliver

Fishnet stockings, lingerie that leaves very little to the imagination, allusive poses to the limit of hard and a bed that removes all doubts. It’s a Almost unrecognizable Madonna – also due to an ‘extreme’ facelift or an equally extreme photoshop – the one that, in a series of photos on Instagram accompanied by a few words (“An angel on me”, referring to a sculpture in the shape of an angel that stands out above the head of the bed) literally left the fans speechless, mostly torn between bewilderment and disapproval.

The 63-year-old pop star, icon of the eighties transgression, in fact, appeared a little too ‘over the top’ to the thousands of users who follow her on the social network, and who immediately commented on her virtual ‘performance’. “What are you doing, are you crazy?”, writes a fan. “You’re ridiculous!” Echoes another. “Dear Madonna, I believe that angel flew away a long time ago,” someone sarcastically sinks. “Why?”, One Internet user laconically asks, followed closely by another: “But what happened to you? You are better than this!”. Then there are those who call for immediate intervention by the social network. “And the censorship of Instagram changes”, writes a user. “Use Instagram like it’s Pornhub,” urges another.

Among the more than 40 thousand comments, there is also that of those who try to defend the artist. “Wonderful”, ventures an admirer. “He needs help, don’t get hurt,” writes a fan. “It’s a very sad story,” adds another. For her part, Madonna gives in her own way an answer to the controversies in her stories, relying on a quote from the poet Mary Oliver: “Beauty without purpose is beauty without virtue. But all beautiful things, inherently, have this function – to excite the viewers toward sublime thought. Glory to the world, that good teacher “, or:” Beauty without purpose is beauty without virtue, but all beautiful things have this function, to excite the spectators … towards sublime thought .. glory to the world, who is a good teacher. “

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