Madonna in concert, Kurt Cobain in the 90s against the cost of his tickets

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Madonna does he charge 50 dollars?”. In a 1993 video, one is amazed Kurt Cobaininterviewed together with the other members of Nirvana, was amazed at the high cost of concert tickets by the American pop star, then engaged in the tour The Girlie Show to promote the album Erotica. Who knows how he would have reacted today to the prices of The Celebration Tour, which will depart on July 15 from Vancouver, will pass through the United States and conclude in Europe on December 1. The price to attend the live performances of the Italian stages, which will take place at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan on the 23rd and, with the addition of a new date, November 25th, ranges from 46 euros in the sector with limited viewing to 287.50 euros of the parterre, not counting the even higher prices of the deluxe packages that offer benefits.


“Are there people who charge that much for a ticket?”. In 1992, Nirvana topped the US Albums Chart with the album Nevermindwhich thus gave a hard time to Dangerous of Michael Jackson, and they could have estimated their performances with decidedly high costs. However, the ticket price of their concerts did not exceed 17 or 18 dollars. Madonna’s “burlesque shows”, as defined by the drummer Dave Grohl, will also have had a higher production cost, as suggested by the bassist Christ Novoselicbut Kurt Cobain would not have shown up either to his concerts or to those of many other artists of the time who, like the pop star, would have asked for their shows between 50 and 75 dollars