Madonna, sensational news: it concerns her daughter, it just happened

World music star for about 40 years, Madonna is also Lourdes Ciccone’s mother: guess what her daughter just did!

Having a planetary pop icon as a mother must certainly be a fascinating experience for the kind of life you are automatically led to lead as a child, but also extremely complicated. In fact, from the very beginning, your existence will be constantly in the spotlight and, let’s face it, it would not be the best of comfort!

Madonna, unbelievable! (Credits: Instagram)

It must not be a coincidence that the beautiful Lourdes Cicconedaughter of Madonna and the Cuban dancer Carlos Leon, for some time she preferred to distance herself from the world of entertainment, where she has always ‘hung out’ even though she did not want to. However, there is the so-called ‘sacred fire of art’ and one cannot say no to that.

The 25-year-old is in fact a very good dancer as well as a famous model, given the undeniable aesthetic qualities that characterize her. Apparently, however, until recently, her approach to her popularity would have been different than Madonna’s. To Interview Lourdes had spoken of the relationship with her mother’s profession by defining it workaholic and constantly looking for success. A clear sign of the intention of not wanting to follow her example from a professional point of view.

The novelty of these hours concerning the girl has therefore taken everyone by surprise: hold on tight!

Madonna, her daughter Lourdes leaves everyone speechless: she really did it

Both in fashion and in music, the young Ciccone had proved quite determined to go against the tide: “I want to create a world where models will no longer need agencies for the jobs they choose to do. And that they are no longer just silent models ”, she said a year ago. And about a probable future in the music, he declared with a certain coldness: “As far as music is concerned, I can sing. I just don’t care ”.

Words that absolutely did not let us foresee what would happen only a year later: a year later, in fact, it happens that his first single entitled “Lock & Key”, co-produced by Eartheater. Lourdes decided to debut as a singer under the name of Lolahol and his record label is Chemical X.

A news that surprised everyone, but that Madonna, as an experienced artist that she is, evidently had already foreseen having noticed the innate talent of her daughter: “She is an incredible dancer, she is a great actress, she plays the piano in a wonderful way, she has all the skills to become an exceptional artist ”, he said in 2019 to British Vogue.

daughter of Madonna
Madonna, shock news! (Credits: Youtube)

What can I say, it must be admitted: it is really true that mothers are always right. Even when it comes to music legends, of course!