Mafalda and that regenerating existential dive into a Saline Solution: the video

“Maybe two armrests and some inflatables aren’t enough to keep you safe from the difficulties of the “big city”, where knowing how to move and knowing how to swim is more important”

With the writing of this song I finally managed to put some of my roots in the music I make, and this thanks to the collaboration with Silent (Silvio Parente) Neapolitan musician and producer, as well as author of lyrics and member of the “Sun” sound system System Hi-Fi”. The project is dedicated to the incredibly beneficial effects of the sea, which I have always felt firsthand since I was little and this is because I was lucky enough to grow up in a place whose history and culture, in addition to the landscape and the spirit of the people, have always been influenced by the presence of the sea. Going to the seaside and immersing yourself in nature is a panacea and at the same time an inviolable right, the right to feel good and regenerate and its regenerating power is inclusive, it makes no distinctions of any kind. When we asked strangers to get involved in filming the video we wanted to get this message across: the sea is inclusive and good for everyone. The contradictions of urban life, however, in addition to creating division, continually collapse on us, a bit like the polluted air that we are forced to breathe every day.

Here it is “Saline solution” ends up reflecting on the situation of the beaches in Naples, which today is a very sore point for Neapolitans. This is due to the fact that almost all the areas once available for free bathing have been privatized and made inaccessible. The video clip of the song, produced by Rovhertz (Roberta Rossi Scala), film electrician and aspiring director of photography, led to the collaboration with the collective Seadogs, a varied and heterogeneous group of Neapolitan artists, who among their various activities fight in their own way the battle against the privatization of the beaches of Naples. The t-shirts that appear in the song’s video clip want to denounce precisely this situation, and have been printed by Seadogs since last year, when they started collaborating with the reality of Mare libero di Napoli, an association that has always fought to guarantee the inhabitants of the city free access to the beach, “the good of all”.

I thank the whole team who took care of the music video of “Saline solution”:

Director: Zoe Valentini

Assistant director: Isotta Tomassini

Editing: Luca Visingardi

Photography: Roberta Rossi Scala, Matilde Gucciardi

Production director: Claudia Lambiase

Machine Operator “A”: Roberta Rossi Scala

Machine Operator “B”: Matilde Gucciardi

Still photographer: Gaia Merolla

Color Grading: Andrea Napolitano

Operator assistant: Marianna Bregni

Operator assistant: Federico Morlupi

Thanks to Gianluca Battelli, Max Dale studio for the recording session, Ago Roots for the inspiration for the riddim of the song and all the participants in the filming as extras.