Mafalda finds authenticity through her being restless: the video

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Restless, my latest single, is a song that represents a journey into my lower emotions, which follow the movement of my restlessness. I wrote Restless in a moment of storm, where I didn’t see a way out, other than writing. In the absence of any possibility of acting on the course of events, the music and the manifestation through it represented the possibility of changing, in some way, my world and what surrounds me. Inquieta is a song that is born, grows and transforms within the urban context. An apparent rational and well-integrated tranquility moves within the city and yes it mixes within it, between daily habits and relationships, which mark the time of life in the

metropolis. This apparent calm hides an internal dimension linked to a personal restlessness, which silently establishes the course of actions. If you listen to it well, it can also be the impetus to take action and change direction.

As in every piece of mine, I wanted to talk about something personal, about a story that did not go as I wanted, and that constantly oscillates between the alternation of reaching a state of acceptance and understanding and the stimulus towards self-destruction. I decided to personally take care of the official video, to represent the mood of the song even better and with more fidelity. How far from reality is what we show to others? How difficult is it to enter your inner abysses without risking making fun of yourself and others? And if people were mirrors to understand each other, what would be in that reflection? Are we ready to find the blessing hidden in the dark? The urge to manifest ourselves, to express ourselves to give voice to our sufferings, is restless which, in the end, we find our authenticity.